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Waste Wood Collection

Waste wood collection and recycling is an environmentally friendly, responsible, and cost-effective solution for business that generates all kinds of wood waste.

From timber and wood scrap to wood packaging, whatever industry your business operates in and wherever it is located, you may find yourself in need of wood disposal.

We are pleased to welcome you to RO Grab Hire, your reliable partner for Waste Wood Collection London. As a waste wood supplier, we specialize in providing high-quality recycled wood products that contribute to a more eco-friendly and circular economy.

An Easy Approach:

We understand indicating the best way to dispose of your waste wood can be challenging. Here at this platform, our dedicated staff are well informed on how to navigate those difficulties while taking our circumstances into account.

As a result of supplying a huge network of customers with materials, we always have an outlet for your waste wood.

Moreover, we can arrange for your materials to be gathered as soon as possible regardless of whether you are a returning customer or in need of our services.

Why Choose Us?

We also provide waste wood collection London to be utilized in the generation of biomass energy. We are proud members of the Wood Recyclers Association in addition to being registered with the Environment Agency.

Our company is equipped to handle the disposal of your waste wood. Our main purpose of making the recovery of waste materials ethical and easy means we are committed to disposing of all wood not only legally but with environmental accountability.

We prefer wood recycling where possible, selecting to transform the materials into panel board as well as continually making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint when planning deliveries and collections.

RO Grab Hire Offers:

We collect plywood, waste wood, demolition wood, chipboard, dismantled sheds, decking, fencing, crates, and pallets. Our bases are also present in different towns of London as Waste Wood Collection Farnham.

Our experienced collection teams will stack your waste wood onto our vans, reducing voids and increasing the volume of waste wood removed.

The loose wood collections are significantly less costly than a skip, mainly saving a lot. This company operates a commercial waste wood collection service and aims to reclaim as much wood as is feasible.

This platform helps to clean up and de-nail the useable reclaimed wood that is then offered for sale to our customers for their DIY projects or utilized in workshops to make reclaimed wood furniture.


  • Superior quality biomass fuel
  • Tipping Service Available
  • Zero Waste to Landfill
  • Recycled quality wood for use in panelboard preparation
  • Professional Service and Advice
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