Top Soil Delivery in Staines, Addlestone and Slough

Top soil is a key component of many landscaping projects. Whether you’re a private homeowner, commercial client or construction company, we supply quality aggregates for a high-standard finish.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, RO Grab Hire offers a convenient and reliable top soil delivery service to sites throughout Addlestone, Slough and Staines.

As the uppermost layer of soil, top soil has a variety of uses, such as making new and raised beds, borders and as a lawn base. Whatever your requirements, we’re here to help, ensuring you get the best solutions for your needs.

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Top Soil Uses

Top soil is ideal for areas where the existing soil is poor or damaged, or if you’re creating a gardened area in a space without natural soil, such as a patio garden.

Many gardens have poor soil, making it hard for grass and other plants to grow. One common location of poor soil is gardens of new-build homes. This is because construction processes strip away the natural top soil. However, with top soil delivery to your home, you can have a healthy garden in no time.

As well as domestic uses, top soil is ideal for large-scale projects, such as commercial landscaping jobs. Our efficient delivery makes aggregate supply convenient and cost-effective for every customer in the Slough and Staines areas.

Top Soil Delivery

Operating as an aggregate supplier and grab hire specialist, RO Grab Hire offers highly efficient solutions. Using grab vehicles for top soil delivery, we quickly unload materials in a location of your choosing. This ensures maximum convenience for your needs.

Grab vehicles are perfect for bulk delivery thanks to their strength and the ease with which they handle materials. Whether you’re working on a small garden or a large commercial landscape, we deliver top soil straight to your site.

To make your project as efficient and cost effective as possible, we also provide muck away and waste disposal services, which we undertake at the same time as delivery.

Types of Top Soil

RO Grab Hire has various types of top soil available for customers in Slough, Staines and the surrounding areas. The most suitable option for you will depend on the requirements of your project. Prior to arranging top soil delivery, our team are more than happy to discuss your needs to ensure you get the best product for the job.

Top soil comes in 3 grades:


Commonly used to build up flower beds or create new beds thanks to its high fertility and good structure.

General Purpose

Good for new beds and borders and as a base for new lawns.


Generally unscreened top soil used for building up areas where volume in required, rather than quality.

For more information about our aggregates, or to arrange top soil delivery in the Slough and Staines areas, call RO Grab Hire today on 07832 060560.