Aggregate Supplier in Staines | Benefits of Recycled Aggregates

As an experienced aggregate supplier, RO Grab Hire offers a range of primary and secondary aggregates. While each type has its uses and benefits, we encourage customers in Staines to choose recycled materials, such as crushed concrete, wherever possible.

Although some people have a negative view of recycled aggregates, they offer a variety of benefits and are just as effective as new materials. We even undertake aggregate delivery, including top soil delivery, at the same time as muck away and waste disposal services.

With more people choosing eco-friendly options in construction, recycled aggregates continue to grow in popularity. The following are just some of the reasons secondary materials are so popular with domestic and commercial customers in Addlestone, Staines and the surrounding areas:


The cost of recycled aggregates is a considerable advantage. Because they are less expensive to manufacture, aggregate suppliers offer them at a lower price to quarried materials. Crushed concrete from RO Grab Hire is one hugely popular option that provides durability and strength in construction.

As the quality of recycled products improves and the cost of new materials rises, recycled aggregates are an excellent, cost-effective alternative. You can even recycle materials from your own site clearance and muck away jobs.


Recycled aggregates are suitable for a wide range of projects in Staines, meaning we’re bound to have something to meet your needs. From road construction and building work to landscaping projects, RO Grab Hire delivers ideal solutions.

For example, we provide top soil delivery of recycled and screened soil for backfill, landscaping, turfing, land reinstatement, civil engineering and other uses.

As an aggregate supplier committed to the needs of our Staines customers, we supply materials sourced from our own muck away work, as well as outside sources.

Eco Friendly

One of the main benefits of recycled aggregates is that they are sustainable. This is an ever-increasing concern in the construction industry, with widespread agreement that we need to do as much as possible to improve sustainability within the industry.

When you opt for recycled materials, such as crushed concrete, you help reduce the demand for new materials. This conserves quarries and energy that mechanical extraction processes would use.

It also reduces transport emissions because many recycled aggregates we supply in Staines come from local muck away jobs and go to nearby centres for processing.


Despite what some people believe, recycled aggregates are just as reliable as new materials. Whether you require top soil delivery, supply of crushed concrete or other materials, you have complete confidence in the quality and durability of the aggregates we supply at RO Grab Hire.

As an aggregate supplier aiming to exceed your expectations, we only provide high standard materials, so you never have to compromise on strength or product lifespan.

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