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Aggregates Suppliers

Aggregates Suppliers​

When it is related to the building industry, the significance of a solid foundation is beyond all. The material must be homogenous, predictable, and consistent. Before they can be used, they must be dried and cleaned as well. The quality of aggregates is determined by the techniques employed to process them.

RO Grab Hire is a leading Aggregates Supplier; we deliver across the UK a broad range of Aggregates products from MOT Type 1 to specialist sands or ballast to match your requirements.

The basic procedure starts by extracting the material from the earth, it is then rinsed crushed, and sorted. The success of every step is contingent on the performance and quality of the previous step.

We provide a broad range of aggregates suitable for specialized applications and construction projects. Our reliable and authentic items are present nationwide through a leading network of quarries and a range of transportation methods.

This provides you a surety of supply for all types of projects including sea defense, weight reduction, and drainage solutions in structural concrete including rail ballast.

Uses of Aggregates

Aggregates are used in several fields such as the production of asphalt, construction of drains, capping, aesthetic, and sub-base. Ro Grab offers a supply of recycled aggregate to various businesses, in Woking the local environment, and all of Surrey. Some of our products include aggregates surrey for instance hard-core, tops soil sand and ballast, crushed concrete, and others. 

Ro Grab expert team can manage a large number of vehicles focusing mainly on assisting. Demolition and construction firms in prime situations where aggregates are required to transport to the site.

Why RO Grab Hire??

From specialist sands to type 1 sub-base material and everything in between, we can offer a broad range of aggregates. Therefore, whether you are looking for lightweight aggregate for high-rise buildings or recycled aggregate for sustainable projects, we can help.

Bulk Aggregates Suppliers Surrey are usually supplied in huge quantities and are composed of a variety of materials utilized in landscaping, construction, and other industries.

From gravel and sand to recycled concrete, crushed stone, and other specialized materials, we have a broad range of bulk aggregates for every type of project, with most being sourced from over 60 quarries nationwide. One of the main advantages of our bulk aggregates is their cost effectiveness, offering price benefits per unit as compared to buying in smaller, bagged quantities.

Moreover, the delivery of our bulk aggregates minimizes the amount of packaging waste, leading to environmental advantages and reduced disposal costs linked with waste packaging.

What do We Offer?

Our comprehensive transportation network enables us to offer rapid and flexible delivery across the country. Where possible, our bulk aggregates are delivered overnight to minimize daytime congestion.

For large projects, having our bulk aggregates delivered can save effort and time, minimizing the number of deliveries and the manual labor involved in handling many bags. Besides Grab Hire services, we can also supply every type of Aggregates, all at very competitive rates, delivered directly to the site and wither grabbed or tipped off based on your requirements.

All the Aggregates can be delivered throughout Greater London and The Home Counties, with discounted and lower prices when merged with our Aggregates Suppliers Guildford.

Our company offers the following Grades of Aggregates:

  • Sharp sand
  • Building sand
  • 10mm Shingle
  • All in Ballast
  • 20 to 60 mm Oversize Shingle
  • Recycled Sharp Sand
  • As-Dug Ballast

Our team is enormously committed to our sustainability targets. Not only do we provide secondary aggregate items and recycled products, but we can also help you decarbonize your project through a carbon reporting tool.

Sustainable Aggregates Suppliers Woking. By selecting a secondary or recycled aggregate, you can:

  • Help to improve the local landscape by diverting waste material away from landfills
  • Generate a greener, more sustainable feature by selecting Aggneo secondary aggregates
  • Contribute towards a circular economy by repurposing otherwise wasted materials.

So why you are waiting? Just contact us and allow us to serve you better than anyone!